April 10th, 2010

chalice well

ESSAY: TV Romance - The Way, if Writers Will

Part Three of a 3-part series.

Part one of this three-part series, "TV Romance," looked at the how romance on television changed with the introduction of serial elements, as well as the myth! myth! it's a myth! of the Moonlighting Curse. Myths in television—especially the symbolic underpinnings powering the One True Pairing—are great. But myths about television, especially this one? Not so much.

Part two explored ways television writers—in the fear of losing their precious Unresolved Sexual Tension (UST)—have destroyed far too many character romances and disappointed too many fans by refusing to let the characters move on to sex or commitment.)

This final chapter provides assurance that we need not fear advancing the shows' romance. A good relationship needn't destroy a show. It needn't tank the ratings. It can, if handled right, work.

Yeah. "If handled right." You caught that, huh?

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chalice well

GLEE Contest at SmartPop

In case anyone else loves the TV show Glee, HERE is a chance to win copies of an upcoming anthology of essays about the show by sharing your own, real-life account of what Glee has meant to you as a fan.

Along with $50, you can win 5 copies of the book once it's published next Fall. I'll have an essay in it, and I only get 2 copies :-)

Happy writing.