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At a Creative Crossroads: An Introduction

Some subjects just have to be talked about. They eat at you until you put them out there, in words. In my case, that subject is creativity and its most popular fruits. Addictive movie/book series like Twilight or Harry Potter. TV shows making arguable plot choices like Ghost Whisperer or or Grey's Anatomy.

Am I the only one fascinated by how we interact with, absorb, and regurgitate all this?

I know you can read about TV shows, movies, and books anywhere, right? But how many blogs focus on why and how we love said shows, books, and sundry? (Probably a lot more than I know about, but still, go with me here, 'kay?)

Hi, I'm Vaughn (aka Von) and I'm at a creative crossroads in more ways than one. One way is that, although I'm supposedly a novelist, my last book came out in January '07 and I've barely managed to write a second, and am way behind on the third, and wow this isn't good. Like you want to hear more about that. (I didn't think so). But another and more interesting form of creative crossroads is the idea of being betwixt and between (which any good witch or folklorist could tell you is a magical place to be, hence the power of leaving midnight, when one is both in two days at once and in no day at all).

I'm betwixt and between: a writer and a reader. Into academia (college instructor) and pop (romance writer/couch potato). And I don't think I'm alone, here. Am I? Feel free to chime in anytime--but I'll keep talking either way.

So. Let's look at this here place where we find ourselves. As I continue to post, let's look at the why of our cultural love of such wonderful worlds as Twilight (my current heroin), Harry Potter, Star Trek, anything Joss Whedon, etc. Some topics I'm considering for future entries? 
  • I've Got a Life, Thanks: Why Entertainment Snobs Can Just S(TF)U
  • When "Spoiled" is Good: Thinkers, Feelers, Spoilers, and The Ghost Whisperer
  • Actor Surrogates: Why the Actors Aren't the Characters. Usually
If you're actually still reading this (!) please please please feel free to suggest other topics. You don't necessarily have to use the colon-followed-by-subtitle-technique, but doesn't it look all nice and academic? 

And welcome to my journal. I'll try to get better.