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ESSAY: TV Romance - Why Writers Will or Won't

(First of a 3-part Series on Television Romance)

Almost every other essay I write starts to skid into how romance on television landed where it currently rests: 'Shipping,
OTP's, fears of a "Moonlighting Curse," and all.

It's time I just created a separate piece to which I can, in the future, simply link.

I mean—romance!

And… television!

Behold my bailiwick, y'all. Especially the "romance" part, since I did my Master's thesis on the history of the modern romance novel (traced 'em back to preliterate cultures, thank you very much!) and joined the Romance Writers of America in 1984 (no, that's not a typo) and the majority of my published work has been romance novels or heroine-centric adventure with strong romantic subplots.

I am not, repeat, not involved in the television industry in any way… except the way that scares 'em. For I am a fan. Yes, short-for-fanatic. I've been so since H. R. Pufnstuf and The Banana Splits. My first Barbie doll was a Julia Doll (complete with nurse's outfit, ala Diahann Carroll). I've remained so, through Emergency and Charlie's Angels and Remington Steele to the present. And as a college lit instructor (Master's thesis, remember?) I analyze what I watch. 

Especially the treatment of romantic pairings on primetime television.

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